Moses Bliss, Prinx Emmanuel & Greatman Takit – Daddy Wey Dey Pamper (Gbedu Version) [Mp3 Download]

Moses Bliss, Prinx Emmanuel & Greatman Takit - Daddy Wey Dey Pamper (Gbedu Version) [Mp3 Download]

Nigerian Gospel artist Moses Bliss has once again captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with the release of the highly anticipated Gbedu Version of his hit single “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper.” This new rendition, featuring the talented Prinx Emmanuel and Greatman Takit, infuses Afrobeat and highlife elements into the already beloved track, creating a vibrant and energetic sound that is sure to leave listeners in awe.

Known for his soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics, Moses Bliss has consistently proven himself as one of the most versatile and innovative artists in the Nigerian gospel music scene. With “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper,” he delivers a unique blend of contemporary gospel and Afrobeat, showcasing his ability to bridge the gap between different genres while retaining the core message of faith, love, and gratitude.

The Gbedu Version of “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper” takes the song to a new level, with Prinx Emmanuel and Greatman Takit adding their distinctive styles and vocal prowess to the track. Prinx Emmanuel, who gained recognition for his hit song “God No Go Shame Us,” brings his infectious energy and captivating voice to the mix. Greatman Takit, known for his soulful and dynamic vocals, adds a touch of greatness to the collaboration, making it a truly remarkable musical experience.

In this release, Moses Bliss once again showcases his ability to create music that not only uplifts and inspires, but also connects with listeners on a deep and personal level. “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper” is a testament to the artist’s unwavering commitment to spreading the message of God’s love and grace through his musical talent.

With its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and powerful lyrics, the Gbedu version of “Daddy Wey Dey Pamper” is set to become an instant favorite among gospel music lovers and mainstream audiences alike. This unique collaboration between Moses Bliss, Prinx Emmanuel, and Greatman Takit brings together the best of both the gospel music and Afrobeat worlds, creating a musical masterpiece that is sure to leave a lasting impact.

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