Praisejamzblog – Awaken Mixtape (Worship) [Mp3 Download]

Praisejamzblog Presents Awaken Mixtape The Ultimate Worship Experience

We (Praisejamzblog) are proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated mixtape, “Awaken”. This groundbreaking project aims to inspire, uplift, and awaken the spirits of listeners through a diverse range of musical styles. Consisting of three distinct parts – “Worship,” “Gbedu,” and Christian Hip Hop – “Awaken” promises to deliver a transformative musical journey that caters to every aspect of the believer’s spiritual experience. The “Awaken” Mixtape is now available for streaming and downloading below!

This meticulously curated collection of anointed gospel songs will lead listeners on a captivating journey of worship, praise, and spiritual awakening. Featuring renowned artists and rising talents, “Awaken” is a powerful compilation that will stir hearts and ignite souls.

The “Worship” part of the “Awaken” mixtape has been released and it is already capturing the hearts of listeners worldwide. In this section, Praisejamzblog has curated a selection of soul-stirring, contemplative, and anointed worship songs that create an atmosphere of reverence and intimacy with God. With a strong focus on heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, this part of the mixtape is sure to connect listeners to the very essence of worship.

Diving deep into the worship genre, “Awaken” transports the listener into a divine realm where praises rise as incense and hearts are lifted in adoration. The “Worship” part boasts an impressive lineup of talented and anointed artists who have come together to create a collection of songs that will stir the soul and inspire a deeper connection with God.

Stream, download, enjoy and share below!


See the Track-list below! These soul-stirring tracks carry powerful messages of faith, love, and revival, delivered by talented and anointed artists from around the world.

1) “Come & Move” (ft. Ryan Ofei, Mariah Adigun & Joe L Barnes) – Tribl & Maverick City Music: “Come & Move” is a compelling collaboration between Tribl and Maverick City Music, accompanied by the soulful vocals of Ryan Ofei, Mariah Adigun, and Joe Barnes. This spirit-filled worship anthem invites listeners to experience the transformative presence of God and encourages them to move into His divine embrace.

2) “Awakening” – Hillsong Worship: Hillsong Worship’s “Awakening” is a timeless classic that stirs a spirit of revival within the hearts of worshippers. With its powerful lyrics and uplifting melody, this song leads listeners to awaken to God’s love and purpose.

3) “This Is Revival” (ft. Eniola Anna): Chandler Moore: Chandler Moore’s “This Is Revival” features the enchanting vocals of Eniola Anna. This soul-stirring track echoes the essence of revival and ignites a fire of spiritual awakening in the hearts of believers.

4) “Sound of Revival” – Minister GUC: Minister GUC’s “Sound of Revival” is a heartfelt worship melody that leads listeners into the depths of worship, evoking a profound encounter with the Spirit of God.

5) “Costly” – Naomi Raine: “Costly” by Naomi Raine is a heartfelt worship song that beautifully expresses the priceless sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the boundless love of God.

6) “Amazing God” – Theophilus Barthson: “Theophilus Barthson magnificently portrays the majesty of God in “Amazing God,” reminding listeners of His limitless power and grace.

7) “King of Glory” (ft. Shana Wilson) – Todd Dunaley: In “King of Glory,” Todd Dunaley, accompanied by the anointed vocals of Shana Wilson, leads a powerful anthem of praise and exalts the King of Glory.

8) “Oyigiyigi” – Guchi: Guchi offers “Oyigiyigi,” a song of adoration delivered in a melodious blend of sounds, celebrating the unsearchable greatness of God.

9) “This Is Revival Chant” (ft. Eniola Anna) – Chandler Moore & Eniola Anna: Chandler Moore and Eniola Anna unite their voices in “This Is Revival Chant,” stirring the hearts of worshippers to yearn for a divine revival.

10) “Ekele” (Thanks) – Minister Ify Jones: Minister Ifeanyi’s “Ekele” is a song of gratitude that expresses thanksgiving to God for His unwavering goodness and love.

11) “Keep Praying” – Maverick City Music – Maverick City Music inspires perseverance in prayer with “Keep Praying,” encouraging listeners to trust in God’s faithfulness.

12) “Your Grace Is Everything” – Ekiyor Johnson: Ekiyor Johnson’s “Your Grace Is Everything” is a heartfelt ballad expressing profound gratitude for the life-changing grace of God.

13) “Odogwu” – Innosaint: In “Odogwu,” Innosaint praises God as the Mighty Warrior, celebrating His triumphant power and victory.

14) “My Daddy My Daddy” – ReachOut Music: “The Lord is great and worthy of our praise. God alone deserves our heartfelt worship and supreme allegiance,” said ReachOut Music. “Our confidence and comfort in singing come from this: Jesus, our great high priest, makes all our offerings acceptable to God through his perfect life of obedience and his perfect sacrifice of atonement.”

15) “Awake” – Caleb David: Caleb David’s “Awake” calls believers to rise up and shine, spreading the light of God’s love to the world.


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