Tim Godfey ‘Imela’ (ft Todd Dulaney) Mp3 Download

Tim Godfrey & Fearless Community 'Joy' Mp3 Download

Renowned Nigerian gospel artist Tim Godfrey has joined forces with American gospel artist Todd Dulaney to release an uplifting and powerful new song, “Imela” (Live). This captivating collaboration showcases the incredible talents of both artists as they come together to deliver a heartfelt worship experience like no other.

“Imela” (Live) is a soul-stirring praise and worship track that combines the talent and passion of Tim Godfrey and Todd Dulaney in an extraordinary way. The song’s title, “Imela,” which means “Thank You” in the Nigerian Igbo language, sets the tone for the heartfelt gratitude expressed throughout the lyrics.

The live recording of the song adds an additional layer of authenticity and raw emotion, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the worship experience. With powerful vocals, stirring melodies, and an infectious rhythm, “Imela” (Live) has all the elements to become an instant gospel anthem.

Together, Godfrey and Dulaney bring a unique blend of African and American gospel music, creating a captivating synergy that is unparalleled. The harmonious collaboration and heartfelt lyrics of “Imela” (Live) inspire listeners to express gratitude and adoration to God, transcending cultural boundaries.

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