Deborah Lukalu – Conqueror (ft. David Izi) [Mp3 Download]

Deborah Lukaku - Conqueror (ft. David Izi) [Mp3 Download]

Deborah Lukalu, a talented gospel singer from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has released a brand new song titled “Conqueror,” featuring the talented artist David Izi. This empowering anthem is part of her critically acclaimed album “Trust In The Storm” and is accompanied by an incredible live visual, showcasing Deborah’s captivating presence and vocal prowess.

Deborah Lukaku is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With a soulful voice that touches hearts and a captivating stage presence, she has earned a devoted fan base and recognition from music enthusiasts and critics alike.

“Conqueror” is an anthem of strength and resilience, reflecting Deborah Lukaku’s personal journey of triumph over challenges. The song’s uplifting lyrics and infectious melody inspire listeners to rise above adversity and embrace their inner conquerors. David Izi’s dynamic vocals add an extra layer of power and emotion, making this collaboration truly exceptional.

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