Dr. Brenda Jefferson – Lamb Of God (Mp3 Download)

Dr. Brenda Jefferson - Lamb Of God (Mp3 Download)

Author, pastor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and songwriter, Dr. Brenda Jefferson has just released her latest single, “Lamb of God,” featuring gospel artist Stephen Hurd. Available now for streaming and downloading.

Described as a “love letter of gratefulness to God,” this song will surely be a quick addition to the playlist of gospel music lovers worldwide. This up-tempo praise and worship song is perfect for any praise team or church choir and will bless any audience.

When asked about her inspiration for writing this song, Jefferson says, “I was in a space of gratefulness, and I couldn’t find the right words to say to God to express my gratitude for all of the wonderful things He’s done in my life —so I began to write…” She describes writing as something that has always been therapeutic for her and a fulfillment of God’s promise to make her “a pen of a ready writer”. She mentions, “I remember asking God for a gift I can call my own, and that’s when he birthed the gift of songwriting in me.”

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