Psalmist Nedu – His Mercy (Mp3 Download)

Psalmist Nedu - His Mercy (Mp3 Download)

We are excited to present “His Mercy,” the latest single by the highly talented artist Psalmist Nedu. This captivating track is now available for streaming and downloading, offering listeners a powerful and soul-stirring experience that beautifully encapsulates the theme of God’s boundless mercy and faithfulness. Produced by Obed Thompson.

Psalmist Nedu stands as a rising gospel music minister, celebrated for his emotive vocals and heartfelt performances. His previous releases have garnered significant acclaim, establishing him as a notable figure in the gospel and inspirational music realm.

“His Mercy” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude and reverence for God’s unwavering love and mercy. Penned by Psalmist Nedu himself, the song reverberates with the message of how God’s enduring mercy has guided and sustained us throughout our journeys.

Speaking about the song, Psalmist Nedu shares, “‘His Mercy’ is a song which expresses how faithful and kind God has been towards us, how His mercy has kept us till now. It is a heartfelt tribute to His enduring love and grace.”

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“His Mercy” Lyrics by Psalmist Nedu


Rewotito x3

Take all the glory
Take All the praise
I give you thanks from my heart

I am the one that you have shown mercy
That you’ve show kindness
You have shown Grace

Lord I’m the one that you preserved
you gave me peace of mind
You’ve have shown grace

I am saved and secured
In you I leave and have my being

Hallelujah x4

Rewotito x3

I am the one that you showed grace
You gave me peace of mind
You have shown me mercy

I love the way you father me.
I love the way you Pampam me
Daddy wey de pam Pam
You have shown me Grace

When evil arise you are there for me
When trouble arise you always there

Connect With Psalmist Nedu
Facebook: psalmist Nedu
Instagram: official_neduu
YouTube: psalmist Nedu



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