Victoria Orenze – I Am Yours (Mp3 Download)

Chants & Tongues - Intense Soaking Worship With Victoria Orenze

Acclaimed gospel artist Victoria Orenze has once again graced the world with her exceptional musical prowess and profound spirituality through her latest single “I Am Yours.” This soul-stirring song, released as part of her latest EP “Gratitude (Reflections),” is now available for streaming and downloading across all major platforms.

“I Am Yours” is a testament to Victoria Orenze’s unmatched ability to blend heart-touching lyrics with a captivating melody, resulting in a song that is both a declaration of devotion and an invitation to experience divine connection. The song emanates from her EP “Gratitude (Reflections),” which serves as a collection of soulful reflections on faith, gratitude, and surrender.

Accompanying the release of “I Am Yours” is a mesmerizing live video that captures Victoria Orenze’s virtuosity as she plays the violin. This live performance adds a layer of intimacy to the song, showcasing her multi-faceted talents and the deep emotion she invests into her craft.

The live video features Victoria Orenze in her element, drawing listeners into an atmosphere of worship and introspection. The combination of her enchanting vocals and her skillful violin performance creates an experience that is nothing short of magical.

“I Am Yours” is more than just a song; it’s a spiritual journey that invites listeners to surrender their hearts and souls. Victoria Orenze’s ability to convey profound messages through her music has solidified her place as a cherished figure in the gospel music community, and “I Am Yours” is a testament to her ongoing commitment to this calling.

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