Anna Golden – Psalm 91 (I Will Say) (Live Video)

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Anna Golden, the extraordinary powerhouse vocalist, continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent and deep spiritual connection. Her latest performance of “Psalm 91 (I Will Say),” from her album ‘Church,’ is a soul-stirring rendition that transforms scripture into song. This performance is now available, showcasing Anna Golden’s incredible vocal prowess.

Anna Golden’s performance of “Psalm 91 (I Will Say)” is a breathtaking rendition of a beloved scripture. Through her powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery, she transforms the words of Psalm 91 into an uplifting and inspiring musical experience. The performance is a testament to Anna Golden’s ability to blend her extraordinary vocal talent with her unwavering faith, creating music that touches the soul.

Listeners can expect to be moved and inspired by Anna Golden’s heartfelt interpretation of Psalm 91. The performance showcases her unique ability to turn scripture into a powerful and resonant song that speaks to the heart.

Press play below to stream via YouTube!

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