Bethel Music, Zahriya Zachary – Surrounded By Holy (EP Download)

Bethel Music, Zahriya Zachary - Surrounded By Holy (EP Download)

Bethel Music Collective artist Zahriya Zachary is excited to announce the release of her new EP, “Surrounded By Holy.” This introspective and spiritually enriching EP includes a captivating live version of the hit single “Surrounded by Holy,” which was recorded during this year’s Worship School. The EP is now available on all major music platforms and is set to inspire and move listeners with its message of God’s majesty.

“’Surrounded by Holy” is about the throne room of heaven and the never-ending song that is taking place, as the saints and angels behold the lamb of God,” shares Zahriya. “Here on earth, when we enter into His presence, our natural response is to join in with the song of heaven. Leading this live at Worship School was such a powerful moment and there was no denying He was with us in that room. As we’re filled with His presence, it leaves us in wonder and awe of Him.”

Zahriya Zachary is a dynamic gospel music minister in the Bethel Music Collective, known for her distinctive voice and heartfelt worship. Her music has touched the hearts of many, drawing listeners into moments of deep and transformative worship. Zahriya’s passion for sharing the love and majesty of God is evident in every note she sings.

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See the track-list and listen via Apple Music below!

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