Elijah Oyelade – Holy Holy Holy (ft. Nathaniel Bassey) [Live Video]

Elijah Oyelade & Nathaniel Bassey Unveil Upcoming Release, 'Holy Holy Holy'

Elijah Oyelade, the renowned gospel artist, has unveiled the official live video for “Holy Holy Holy,” featuring the exceptional talent of Nathaniel Bassey. This transcendent musical collaboration is now available for streaming on all major platforms and can be viewed on YouTube.

“Holy Holy Holy” is a profound and spiritually uplifting gospel song that brings together two of Nigeria’s most beloved gospel artists, Elijah Oyelade and Nathaniel Bassey. Their awe-inspiring vocal harmonies and heart-touching lyrics create a divine atmosphere of worship. This song is an invitation to experience the holiness of God in a deeply personal and intimate way.

The official live video for “Holy Holy Holy” offers a visually stunning and emotionally charged experience. Filmed during a live recording session, the video captures the essence of worship and reverence as Elijah Oyelade and Nathaniel Bassey lead a congregation in a heartfelt worship session. The powerful visuals and harmonious melodies in this live performance are sure to touch the hearts of viewers and listeners alike.

Press play below to stream, via YouTube!


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