Nathaniel Bassey Announces New Date for Hallelujah Challenge 2023: October 3rd

Nathaniel Bassey Shares Inspiring Message

Renowned gospel music minister Nathaniel Bassey has made an exciting update to the highly anticipated Hallelujah Challenge. The previously announced date of September 29th has been rescheduled to October 3rd. This change was communicated to his eager followers through a video posted on his official Instagram account.

Nathaniel Bassey, a beloved figure in the gospel music scene, is known for organizing the annual Hallelujah Challenge, an online worship experience that unites thousands of people worldwide in an hour of praise and worship. The event, which has grown in popularity over the years, typically takes place at midnight, and participants join from all corners of the globe through social media platforms.

Nathaniel Bassey Announces New Date for Hallelujah Challenge October 3rd

In the video message shared on his Instagram account, Nathaniel Bassey expressed his deep gratitude for the overwhelming response to the Hallelujah Challenge and explained the reason behind the date change. While the specifics of the rescheduling were not detailed in the video, his commitment to delivering a spiritually enriching and seamless worship experience was evident. Watch the video, click here!

Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge has become a much-anticipated event in the gospel music calendar, and it continues to draw a diverse global audience eager to come together in worship and prayer.

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