Shadrach Outsmile – Tunmise (Music Video)

Shadrach Outsmile - Tunmise (Music Video)

Nigerian gospel music sensation Shadrach Outsmile is spreading a message of transformation and renewal with his latest music video, “Tunmise.” This powerful and inspiring video, now available for streaming, celebrates the meaning of “Tunmise” in Yoruba, which translates to “God has re-shaped me.”

The music video for “Tunmise” is a visually captivating and spiritually uplifting masterpiece. The video skillfully combines compelling storytelling with Shadrach Outsmile’s soulful performance. The video takes viewers on a transformative journey, echoing the message of the song itself. It’s a testament to Shadrach Outsmile’s commitment to delivering an emotionally charged and spiritually profound experience.

Press play below to stream via YouTube!

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