Todd Galberth – Tired (Mp3 Download)

Todd Galberth - Tired (Mp3 Download)

Todd Galberth, the charismatic worship leader and recording artist, has released his latest soul-stirring single, “Tired.” Written by Todd Galberth, Chandler Moore, and Anna Golden, this emotionally charged song captures the essence of spiritual exhaustion and the yearning for renewal. “Tired” was recorded live in Richmond, delivering an authentic and powerful worship experience. Available now for streaming and downloading.

“Tired” is a poignant worship song that strikes a chord deep within the hearts of listeners. With heartfelt lyrics and a captivating melody, the song explores the human experience of weariness and the unwavering nature of God’s love and grace. Todd Galberth’s soulful and impassioned vocals breathe life into the message, making “Tired” an essential listening experience for those seeking solace, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

The live recording of “Tired” took place in Richmond, creating an atmosphere of raw worship and vulnerability. The live setting adds an extra layer of authenticity to the song, allowing listeners to connect on a profound level with the message and emotion behind the music.

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