Tony B. Dickerson & The Essential Band – The Song Within (ft. Will Graves) [Mp3 Download]

Tony B. Dickerson & The Essential Band - The Song Within (ft. Will Graves) [Mp3 Download]

Tony B. Dickerson & The Essential Band has released a brand new song titled “The Song Within”. Available now on all digital music outlets. Tony wrote and produced the single, bringing Will Graves on board to be the lead vocal.

Tony B. Dickerson & The Essential Band are a group of creatives determined to impact lives by performing songs of inspiration. Frontman and founder Tony B. Dickerson is an accomplished songwriter, music teacher, and stage entertainer. The foremost priority for Tony and his band is to deliver songs of love, hope, and strength found in Jesus Christ.

Tony believes that we all have a song of love, truth, joy, and peace within us that pushes, inspires, and strengthens us. His new single, “The Song Within,” serves this purpose and reminds us of our God-ordained purpose.

“I wanted to have a simple song that anyone can sing, their own way, and ultimately access their own inner song of encouragement and inspiration,” says Tony. “This single is singer-friendly, music-friendly, and inviting to all regardless of religion and beliefs.”

“Tony’s new single is a testament to the power of the relationship we can have with music,” says Will Graves, featured vocalist. “It’s a song that you will love and always be there to comfort and keep you.”

“The Song Within” is not just another Gospel song. The melody and lyrics activate your inner song and the Holy Ghost, activating motivation, inspiration, joy, and strength.

Tony B. Dickerson and The Essential Band’s encouragement is, “Whenever you need to drown out the noise of life, draw from what the Lord has placed inside of you, which is your song and your faith. The Song Within will encourage you to lean on God’s approval and not the approval of others.”

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