Japhet Ubidoson – Not For Earthly Fame (Lyrics Video)

Japhet Ubidoson - Not For Earthly Fame (Lyrics Video)

Nigerian gospel music minister and prolific songwriter, Japhet Ubidoson, has unveiled the lyrics video of his previously released hymn, titled “Not For Earthly Fame.” The spiritually enriching composition is now available for streaming via his YouTube Channel.

“Not For Earthly Fame” is an 11-song collection of spiritually enriching hymns that touch the hearts and souls of all who listen. The hymns are designed to uplift and inspire, offering a unique listening experience that connects the listener with their faith.

The release of the lyrics video on YouTube for “Not For Earthly Fame” offers a visual and lyrical journey into the heart of the hymn. Listeners can now enjoy the powerful and inspiring words that Japhet Ubidoson has carefully crafted, enhancing their connection to the songs on a deeper level.

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