Trip Lee – Standby (ft. Hulvey) [Mp3 Download]

Trip Lee- Standby (ft. Hulvey) [Mp3 Download]

Hip-hop artist and author Trip Lee continues to deliver soul-stirring music with his latest single, “Standby.” Featuring fellow artist Hulvey and showcasing production from Trip Lee himself, Lasanna “Ace” Harris, and Joel McNeill, this powerful song delves into the theme of trusting God amidst life’s trials and tribulations. “Standby” is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

Trip Lee, a prolific artist and influential voice in the Christian hip-hop scene, has consistently pushed boundaries with his music. As a rapper, pastor, and author, Trip has garnered a dedicated fan base through his honest lyrics and relatable themes. His journey has been marked by growth and resilience, and his music reflects the wisdom he’s gained along the way.

“Standby” is the fifth single released by Trip Lee in 2023, following the success of his previous hit, “Confetti,” where he explored the concept of operating from a place of victory. In “Standby,” Trip takes a reflective step back to share his personal experience of trusting in God when faced with challenges and doubts. The song’s honest and vulnerable lyrics resonate with listeners who have encountered similar struggles.

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