Esther Oji – Fragrance (ft. GGTQ All-Stars) [Mp3 Download]

Esther Orji 'Highest Praise' Music Video

Renowned gospel music minister Esther Oji has just dropped a soul-stirring single titled “Fragrance,” featuring the talented GGTQ All-Stars. The song is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

The song “Fragrance” is a captivating gospel track that brings together the heartfelt vocals of Esther Oji and the musical prowess of GGTQ All-Stars. The song is a celebration of the divine love and grace that permeates our lives, leaving a sweet fragrance of joy and peace. The combination of Esther’s anointed voice and the dynamic collaboration with GGTQ All-Stars creates a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

The collaboration with GGTQ All-Stars adds a unique dimension to “Fragrance.” Comprising exceptionally talented musicians and vocalists, GGTQ All-Stars bring their signature style and energy to the track, elevating it to new heights.

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