Leeland & Kari Jobe – You’re Not Done (Mp3 Download)

Leeland & Kari Jobe - You’re Not Done

Acclaimed Christian rock band Leeland is excited to announce the re-release of their latest single, “You’re Not Done,” featuring two-time Grammy nominee Kari Jobe. This collaboration between two powerhouse artists promises to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that will uplift and inspire listeners around the world.

“We are still pinching ourselves in disbelief that one of our musical heroes is singing on this song with us!” enthuses Lead singer Leeland Mooring. “We are so honored to partner with our friend Kari to see this message of hope flood the hearts of God’s people.”

Now, with the addition of Kari Jobe’s angelic vocals, “You’re Not Done” takes on a new dimension of beauty and meaning. Jobe’s heartfelt performance adds an extra layer of emotion to the song, creating a powerful synergy between her and Leeland.

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