Favour Ojo-Omoniyi – Mercy (Anu) (Mp3 Download)

Favour Ojo-Omoniyi - Mercy (Anu) (Mp3 Download)

Favour Ojo-Omoniyi, a dynamic Nigerian gospel music minister and prolific songwriter, has released a brand new single titled “Mercy (Anu).” The song is now available for streaming and downloading.

“Mercy (Anu)” is a soulful and inspiring track that delves into the concept of divine mercy. The word “Anu” translates to “Mercy” in Nigeria’s native language, Yoruba. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Favour Ojo-Omoniyi shared, “I discovered that what we need as humans is the mercy of God. It is His mercy that will make us go far. We are not perfect in any way, but His mercy makes us righteous.”

Favour Ojo-Omoniyi is known for her heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, and “Mercy (Anu)” is no exception. The song is sure to resonate with listeners and remind them of the importance of divine mercy in their lives.

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