Anna Golden – Church (Deluxe) [Album Download]

Anna Golden - Church (Deluxe) [Album Download]

Anna Golden, a powerhouse vocalist known for her dynamic performances and heartfelt lyrics, has just released her latest album, “Church (Deluxe).” The album is now available on all major music platforms and features a collection of songs that reflect Golden’s deep love for God’s house and her personal journey of healing and rediscovery.

“I remember reading a quote that said, ‘When you’re healed, you remember things differently,'” says Golden. “Through the Holy Spirit, healthy community, and pastors who just love Jesus, I saw this start to take place in my own heart.”

“Church (Deluxe)” is a testament to Golden’s love for God’s house and her journey of rediscovering its beauty and significance. The album features a mix of soul-stirring ballads and uplifting anthems, all showcasing Golden’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

“I have always loved God’s house since I was a little girl,” says Golden. “But there were moments over working in full-time ministry for 10 years that can break your heart. For this record, the Lord took me all the way back to the beginning with the church I grew up in, remembering how that was the first place I ever saw Christ personified through imperfect people, trying to look like Jesus. I remembered where I fell in love with God’s house, and why.”

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See the tracklist and listen via Spotify below!


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