Nathaniel Bassey Celebrates 11th Wedding Anniversary with Prophetic Declaration for Kingdom Marriages

Nathaniel Bassey Celebrates 11th Wedding Anniversary

Nigerian gospel music minister Nathaniel Bassey recently celebrated a significant milestone in his life – his 11th wedding anniversary. The renowned musician and worship leader took to his Instagram page to share the joyous occasion with his followers, posting a series of lovely photos.

One particular photo caught the attention of many, featuring Nathaniel and his wife, Sarah, in a tender embrace. The caption accompanying this photo was both heartfelt and prophetic, as Nathaniel declared blessings of kingdom marriages for his followers. He expressed his belief in the power of God to bring about beautiful and fulfilling relationships, encouraging his audience to trust in God’s timing and plan for their lives.

As the convener of the viral “Hallelujah Challenge,” Nathaniel Bassey has become a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene. The Hallelujah Challenge, which started as a 30-day online praise and worship session in 2017, quickly grew into a global phenomenon, attracting thousands of participants from around the world. Through this initiative, Bassey aimed to inspire people to seek God’s presence and experience His power in their lives.

Nathaniel Bassey & Wife

Beyond his music and ministry, Nathaniel Bassey is also known for his advocacy of kingdom marriages. He believes in the importance of building relationships on a foundation of faith and commitment to God, and his own marriage serves as a testament to this belief. In his anniversary message, Bassey expressed gratitude for his wife and the love they share, acknowledging God’s faithfulness in their journey together.

Nathaniel Bassey’s anniversary celebration and prophetic declaration have blessed many, inspiring hope and faith in the possibility of finding true love and lasting companionship. His message serves as a reminder that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think and that His plans for our lives are good and purposeful.


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