Pastor Emmanuel Iren – Agalliao (ft. Nathaniel Bassey) [Mp3 Download]

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Pastor Emmanuel Iren, the renowned founder of Celebration Church International, has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, “Agalliao,” featuring the acclaimed gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey. This powerful song, accompanied by a captivating live recording video, is now available to uplift and inspire listeners around the world.

“Agalliao” is a Greek word meaning to rejoice exuberantly, involving spinning, jumping, and shouting. This type of rejoicing reflects Jesus’ response in Luke 10:21, where the Bible says, “In that hour, Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit.” Unlike cultural norms where people rejoice in response to music, Jesus rejoiced in response to revelation knowledge.

The song “Agalliao” is a heartfelt expression of joy and celebration in response to the revelation of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Through its melodious tunes and profound lyrics, “Agalliao” invites listeners to experience a deep and passionate type of rejoicing that transcends cultural boundaries.

The live recording video of “Agalliao” captures the essence of this message, featuring Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Nathaniel Bassey, and a talented choir and band delivering a powerful and energetic performance. The video is a visual feast, immersing viewers in a worship experience like never before.

“It is my prayer that this song births in you a new dimension of joy, in which you rejoice in response to what God has said concerning you, even when the circumstances around you appears to be contrary,” said Pastor Emmanuel Iren.

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