WHATUPRG Releases Double Single “This Time Last Year” & “God Made A Way (Remix)” [Mp3 Download]

WHATUPRG Releases Double Single "This Time Last Year" & "God Made A Way (Remix)" [Mp3 Download]

Mexican-American artist WHATUPRG is back with a bang, marking a year after the release of his breakout single, “God Made A Way,” with a double single release. The double single features a remix of “God Made A Way” featuring renowned artists Lecrae and nobigdyl, as well as a brand new track titled “This Time Last Year.” Both tracks are now available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

“This Time Last Year” showcases WHATUPRG’s growth as an artist, with introspective lyrics and a melodic flow that is sure to resonate with listeners. The track reflects on the journey of the past year, highlighting both the challenges and triumphs that have shaped him as an artist and as a person.

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“God Made A Way” was a pivotal moment in WHATUPRG’s career, catapulting him into the spotlight with its poignant lyrics and infectious beat. The remix, featuring Lecrae and nobigdyl, adds a new dimension to the track, infusing it with fresh energy and perspectives.


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