Eben Releases New Song ‘Lion & The Lamb’ from His ‘Devotional EP’

Eben - Oh I Will Bless

Celebrated gospel artist Eben is excited to announce the release of his brand new song, “Lion & The Lamb,” from his highly anticipated ‘Devotional EP.’ Known for his powerful voice and inspiring lyrics, Eben continues to uplift and encourage listeners with his latest musical offering. The ‘Devotional EP’ is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

“Lion & The Lamb” is a powerful worship song that exalts the dual nature of Jesus Christ as both the mighty Lion of Judah and the sacrificial Lamb of God. Through its moving lyrics and captivating melody, the song invites believers to reflect on the majesty and humility of Christ, inspiring awe and reverence. Eben’s soulful delivery and the song’s uplifting arrangement make “Lion & The Lamb” a standout track on the ‘Devotional EP.’

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