Gideon Ko’cee: Artist Profile/Bio, Music, Videos & More

Gideon Ko'cee: Artist Profile/Bio, Music, Videos & More


Gideon Kosisọchukwu Onyemaobi, known professionally as Gideon Ko’cee, is a Nigerian gospel artist known for his unique blend of Gospel-Fusion, Contemporary Gospel, and Contemporary Worship music. Born on June 1st, 1993, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Gideon’s musical journey is deeply rooted in his faith and upbringing.


Hailing from Isokpo Obibi Ogbaku in Mbaitolu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria, Gideon was raised in a Christian home. He lost his father at a young age, leaving him, his mother, and three siblings. Gideon’s musical journey began in the church choir as a teenager, where his talent was nurtured and his calling to music became evident. He officially committed to his faith on July 3rd, 2007, and has since been dedicated to using his music to spread the message of God’s love and faithfulness.

Musical Journey:

Gideon’s musical journey started at a very young age, with his grandmother singing prophetic songs over him. However, it wasn’t until he was 19 years old that he made his first public appearance as a singer, which took place in a church setting, a trend that has continued throughout his career. Despite facing challenges and doubts, including a period of fasting and prayer to discern his purpose, Gideon remained steadfast in his calling. His obedience to God’s voice led to remarkable moments, such as being identified as a ‘singing evangelist’ during a church event, confirming his path in music ministry.

Career Highlights:

In 2022, Gideon performed at the KMK Abiola concert at UNILAG, sharing the stage with prominent artists like Testimony Jaga, Protek, and Naomi Mac. Although he has yet to win any awards, Gideon released an EP titled “Jesus And I” in 2022, featuring seven tracks that showcase his unique style and message.

Musical Style:

Gideon describes his musical style as Gospel-Fusion, a blend of traditional gospel elements with contemporary sounds. His music aims to make listeners pause and reflect on the profound messages conveyed through his lyrics. Influenced by artists like Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, and Dusin Oyekan, Gideon’s music is deeply rooted in scripture and his personal experiences as a Christian.

Message and Inspiration:

Gideon’s music carries a message of confidence, love, and consecration to God. Drawing inspiration from the Bible and his life experiences, he seeks to encourage others to trust in God’s plan for their lives.

Impact and Audience:

While Gideon is humble about his impact so far, he believes his music will challenge and change the perception of gospel music. He aims to reach a wide audience, particularly the youth and children, with his uplifting and inspiring music.

Future Plans:

Gideon’s primary goal is to remain faithful to his calling and his faith. He believes that as long as he stays connected to God, everything else will fall into place.

Personal Life:

Outside of music, Gideon enjoys teaching, writing, and reading. He also has a passion for cooking, especially when he’s in high spirits. While he is not married yet, Gideon values his family, consisting of his mother and three siblings.


One of Gideon’s favorite quotes is “The Word Works,” highlighting his belief in the power of God’s word to transform lives.

Contact Information:

For booking, contact 08142456163. Connect on Facebook @Ko’cee-the-King and on Instagram @therealkocee. Gideon Ko’cee’s music is a testament to his unwavering faith and dedication to spreading the gospel through song. His unique style and powerful message make him a rising star in the Nigerian gospel music scene.


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