Greatman Takit Releases New Song ‘Yahweh’ (Feat. Prospa Ochimana)

Greatman Takit & Worship SZN Teams Up For 'Chant'

Greatman Takit, the renowned gospel artist known for his powerful and soul-stirring music, is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Yahweh,” featuring the anointed minister Prospa Ochimana. This collaboration promises to uplift and inspire listeners with its profound message and captivating melodies.

“Yahweh” is a powerful worship song that exalts the name of God and encourages believers to draw closer to Him. The song’s profound lyrics and emotive delivery aim to inspire worship and devotion, reminding listeners of the greatness and sovereignty of God.

Featuring Prospa Ochimana, known for his hit worship song “Ekwueme,” “Yahweh” combines the strengths of both artists to create a truly remarkable worship experience. The collaboration brings a dynamic and synergistic energy to the song, making it a must-listen for gospel music enthusiasts.

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