Enkay Ogboruche’s New Single – ‘All I Have Is Jesus’ (Feat. Canton Jones)

Enkay Ogboruche - All I Have Is Jesus (ft. Canton Jones) [Mp3 Download]

Nigerian recording artist Enkay Ogboruche has joined forces with American rapper, singer, songwriter, and multi-Grammy-nominated artist Canton “CAJO” Jones to release an electrifying new single titled “All I Have Is Jesus.” This dynamic urban hip-hop track is poised to become a global anthem, resonating across generations with its powerful message of faith and reliance on Jesus.

“All I Have Is Jesus” is a timely and powerful reminder that, in a fast-paced and often chaotic world, Jesus remains our constant source of strength and hope. The song emphasizes that as long as we believe in Him, we will always have everything we need.

The lyrics of “All I Have Is Jesus” are a declaration of faith and trust in Jesus Christ. It speaks to the assurance and peace that comes from knowing Jesus is with us, no matter the circumstances. This anthem encourages believers to hold on to their faith and reminds them of the unwavering love and presence of Jesus.

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