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“Tongue Trouble” by Joel Osteen

Your words are setting the course for your future. You can’t talk negatively and have a positive life. You can’t talk defeat and live victoriously. Be careful what you’re inviting in! I don’t know about you, but I am good-looking, I am healthy, strong, I am vibrant. My mind is alert, and my youth is being renewed like the eagles. …

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“Lay Hold of God’s Word and See Good Success” Sermon by Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince

In this encouraging and faith-building sermon, Joseph Prince shares how you can see breakthroughs and success when you are occupied with God’s Word instead of your circumstances. This excerpt is from the sermon, Be Occupied With The Word Not The Enemy, preached on Oct 16, 2022. Press the play button below to stream the sermon via YouTube!

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“Taking Care Of Yourself” Sermon by Joel Osteen

"Taking Care Of Yourself" Sermon by Joel Osteen

Don’t let yourself get depleted by life’s demands. When you make taking care of yourself a priority, you’ll be better equipped to take hold of everything God has for you. There are times you have to be bold like Paul and say, “No, I can’t do it. I know it may hurt feelings. I know I’ve been there in the …

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“How The Gospel Freed Me From Debt” Sermon by Pastor Mark

How The Gospel Freed Me From Debt Sermon by Pastor Mark

In this special episode, Pastor Mark Ng from New Creation Church shared his testimony about how the gospel set him free—not only from a serious debt he had gotten himself into before he became a believer but also from the destructive pursuit of money and the fear of not having enough. Press the play button below to stream the sermon via YouTube!

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“Find Strength To Hope Again” Sermon by Joseph Prince

Find Strength To Hope Again Sermon by Joseph Prince

What thoughts have you been occupied with? Do you see good in your future? Or are you filled with worrisome and negative thoughts because of all that has been happening in the world? Today, God wants you to be anchored in hope, and you can find this hope in the Word of God. Press the play button below to stream the …

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“God Given Desires” Sermon by Joel Osteen

'God Given Desires' Sermon by Joel Osteen

When you keep God first place, He will place dreams inside you that lead you to your destiny. You can trust Him to guide you to the best plan for your life. When you’ve committed your ways to him, you can be sure that God is watching over your desires. He’s going to override wrong desires, he’s going to close …

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“The Lordship of Christ” Sermon by Francis Chan

The Lordship of Christ Sermon by Francis Chan

What does it mean to call Jesus your “Lord?” And what impact should that have on our lives? Francis Chan explains in his teaching from the UL Conference in Norway. is an American Protestant author, teacher, and preacher. He is the former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, an Evangelical church in Simi Valley, California founded by Chan in 1994.

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“Finding Your True Calling” Sermon by Joseph Prince

Finding Your True Calling Sermon by Joseph Prince

Have you lost your sense of purpose? Are you unsure of what God is really calling you to? Know that when God calls you to something, He will equip you for it! This excerpt is from the sermon, Rest for Your Soul in Restless Times, preached on Jul 31, 2022. Press the play button below to stream the sermon via …

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“Keep Speaking Victory” Sermon by Joel Osteen

Keep Speaking Victory - Joel Osteen

You can’t speak defeat and expect to see victory. When you use your words to speak faith, you’ll usher in God’s blessings, favour and abundance. Pay attention to what you’re saying about yourself, about your family, your finances, your health – you’re going to become what you’re continually saying. That’s why it’s so important to get in a habit of …

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“Letting Go Of Control” Sermon by Joel Osteen

'Letting Go Of Control' Sermon by Joel Osteen

God has it all planned out, he’s doing things that you can’t see. There are good breaks coming, healing, favour, and the right people, they’re already on your schedule. If you’ll release control then you can enjoy your life, while you’re waiting for things to change. What’s upsetting you? What’s keeping you up at night? God is saying: “Release it …

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“One Life” Sermon by Pastor Jabin Chavez

'One Life' Sermon by Pastor Jabin Chavez

In “One Life,” Pastor Jabin Chavez of City Life Church reminds us that when we submit our plans and problems to God, it creates space for Him to show up in our situation. We pray that God will show up in every area of your life and cause you to experience Christ’s realities because Jesus is real. God will show …

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[MOVIE] Tyson’s Run

[MOVIE] Tyson's Run

  A 15-year-old autistic boy, in public school for the first time, tries to win his father’s approval by running his first marathon. To achieve his goal, he’ll be trained by a champion marathon runner. The Movie is available now for streaming. The film’s lead role stars an actor, Major Dodson, who himself is on the autism spectrum. “Tyson’s a …

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“Victory Begins In The Dark” Sermon by Joel Osteen

Victory Begins In The Dark | Joel Osteen

The moment God gives you a promise, your new day begins. You may not see it yet, but the breakthrough is on the horizon. Don’t be discouraged because it’s been dark a long time, that’s a sign God is about to do something that you’ve never seen, it’s going to be bigger, more rewarding, and more fulfilling than you’ve ever …

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“His Strength Flows In Our Weaknesses” Sermon by Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince 'His Strength Flows In Our Weaknesses' Sermon

In this Gospel Partner episode, learn the keys to seeing God’s miracle-working power abound in areas of failure and frustration. Hear all about it in this sermon. God uses our weaknesses to display His glory. God chose Gideon because his weakness would give God greater glory. It is through our weaknesses that people get to see a demonstration of God’s …

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