“Supernatural Provision” Sermon by Joel Osteen

Supernatural Provision Sermon by Joel Osteen

God is not limited by what you don’t have. He has provision for your future that goes beyond your natural resources.

If you’re going to see God’s blessings, you have to see this abundant mentality. You have to know he’s Jehovah Jireh, the Lord your provider. This phrase comes from when Abraham was on top of mount Moriah, about to sacrifice his son Isaac. Right before he went through it, an angel came and told him not to do it, to stop. It was a test of his obedience. He needed an animal to sacrifice. He heard this noise in the brush, and he looked over and saw this ram caught in the thicket. He took the ram and it became the sacrifice. Abraham named that place “Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide”.

What’s interesting is rams aren’t normally found that high up in the mountains, but God knows how to get the provision to you. The ram was waiting on Abraham. It was going up the mountain before Abraham even knew he needed it, it was already in route. God has some rams waiting for you. He’s already lined up your provision, your abundance. Before you had the setback, he put the ram in place.

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