[SERMON] “Seven Reactions That Decide Your Success” – Mike Murdock

 Above is a special sermon from Mike Murdock, titled: “Seven Reactions That Decide Your Success”.

As one of the most dynamic speakers in America today, Mike Murdock preached his first public sermon at the age of 8, held his first evangelistic crusade at the age of 15, and became a full-time evangelist at the age of 19. Since that time he has spoken to more than 15,000 audiences in 39 countries, including Asia, East Africa, the Orient, and Europe as he continues to embrace his calling to pursue, proclaim and publish the wisdom of God to heal the broken of our generation.

On this telecast, Mike shares the life-changing teaching about how the choices you make determine your future. He says, “The Bible is a book about decisions. Every problem you face in life requires a decision, and behind every problem is a door.” Get ready to move into God’s favor, strategies, insights, concept, and wisdom. Don’t miss this powerful broadcast!


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