[SERMON] “Positioned For His Provision” – Joseph Prince

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Economic turmoil. Scarce resources. A time of global distress. While the world’s future may seem bleak, God has positioned His children to receive divine provision for their every need! Let Joseph Prince show you from God’s Word that it is in such a time as this that the Lord will cause you and your family to experience His supernatural supply. In this sermon, you’ll see how you can:

• Be set free from the fear of lack when you discover God’s promises to provide for you and your loved ones.
• Receive practical wisdom from Scripture to manage your finances and raise healthy, godly children.
• Experience God’s practical supply so that you can be a blessing to those in need.
• Live life untroubled about the future when you understand Bible prophecy about the times we’re living in.

Beloved, lean on the Lord and His unfailing promise to care for you, and you’ll be a walking testimony for His glory in these last days!

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