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Nigerian Abuja-based renowned gospel minister, exquisite songwriter, energetic recording and performing artiste, Jennifer Adiele shared an electrifying worship song titled “Precious” – what a lovely title for a song! Produced by “Tobass Adolphus”.

The song “Precious” is a power-packed worship song that speaks about the Greatness of God Almighty. This comes few months after her previous releases, “All the Glory“ and “Distribute”.

God is precious that the diamond. God is the power that created the heavens and the earth. When He said, “Let there be light!” the light came to the earth, and He created day and night. (Genesis 1) God parted the Red Sea; He made the walls of Jericho fall without a single blow. (Exodus 14:21; Joshua 6:20). Even the sun and the moon have to stand still at His command. (Joshua 10:13)

“You are precious than the diamond/ You shine more than the stars/ You rule over the earth / You are king of the world” – In Jennifer’s Lyrics!

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Precious by Lyrics Jennifer Adiele

You Are Precious Than The Diamond
You Shine More Than The Stars
You Rule Over The Earth
You Are King Of The World 2x

Resp: Halleluyah We Hail You
Halleluyah We Hail You

Halleluyah Is A Heavenly Language
You Who Seat Upon The Throne And Make The Earth Your Footstool
We Are Saying Oh God
Saying O! God
Blessed Be Your Name Oh God
Halleluyah 4x

Ibu Chukwu Ne Me Mma
Resp: Onye ne memma Odogwu Akataka

Onye Ne Me mu Mma eeh!
(He Who Has Done Me Good)
Chimara Obim ooo
(He Who Knoweth My Heart)
You Are The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah
Chukwu Ebube Meeeeee!!
(My Miraculous God)
You Rule Over The World
Ozo piata piata ne enu ogwu
(He Who Walks Mightily Upon Thorns)
Onye Na Gwomu Oria Na Na Gi Ego
(He Who Healeth Me Without Collecting Money)
Chioma Meeeee!!
(My Good God)

Halleluyah We Hail You

I Love With All My Heart Oh God
With Out You Ooo There’ll No Me Oh God
We Praise You Oh God
With My Hands Lifted Up I Love You Lord
I Praise You Lord
Tongues – CH::(Halleluyah We Hail You)

Onye Ne Me Mma Odogwu Akataka
(Doer Of Good, Greatest King)

Verse 2:
Chukwu Ebube Onye Oma Meeee!!
(Miraculous God, My Good God)
Orimiri Atata eeh
(The Ocean That Never Runs Dry)
I Hail You Oh God 4x
I Hail, Tongue…..

We Love You Oh God (Tongue)
You Alone Is God 2x

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Facebook: @Omalichajennifer35
Email: jennylovejenny5@gmail.com


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