Legin Releases “Add A Blessing” Music Video

Christian speaker, poet, rapper, spoken-word artist Legin returns with a new music video to his latest project “Add A Blessing,” that’s available everywhere you stream or buy music today!

In Legin’s Words; “I asked my waitress during dinner a few months ago if I could pray for her when we said grace and she declined. She said she wasn’t a Christian. However, when she gave me my receipt at the end, she’d written a desperate prayer that she asked me to go to God about for her. It just reminded me we’re all in His need, and sometimes it’s hard to reach out. My new single “Add A Blessing,” is a reflective track about giving your life to serve others through difficulty, and how difficult it can be, and asking for God to be a part of it.”

Press play above to watch “Add A Blessing” music video by Legin!

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