[SERMON] “The Overflow Life For You!” – Joseph Prince

Imagine living every day filled and overflowing with God’s supply for your daily affairs—health for your body, joy for your relationships, provision for your family, guidance for your career, and strength for your ministry. In this foundational message by Joseph Prince, you will:

• Discover what Jesus says is the “one thing needful” for you to live a God-supplied life.
• Learn to draw from Jesus and His Word to find true fulfillment and satisfaction.
• See how all of heaven’s resources are available to you and greater than all your needs.
• Receive a revelation of how Jesus, the Servant King, wants to serve you before you serve Him.

Beloved, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by any challenge or situation, listen to this message and be filled till overflowing with the Lord’s love and supply for you!

Press play above to watch the sermon “The Overflow Life For You!” by Joseph Prince



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