[SERMON] “Why you can be so sure that God’s forgiven you” – Joseph Prince

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—As Jesus Is, So Are You (13 Nov 2016)

Have all my sins REALLY been forgiven by God?”

Watch to find out why your conscience can rest fully in the truth that YES, He has justly forgiven all your sins. And because God lives outside time, there is not one of your sins—past, present or future—that isn’t covered by His forgiveness.

Knowing that doesn’t make you live recklessly, but rather, it gives you strength to stop doing things that’ll destroy you. Just like how Jesus first told the woman caught in adultery in the Bible: “Neither do I condemn you,” BEFORE telling her to sin no more (see John 8:11).

Press play above to watch the sermon “Why you can be so sure that God’s forgiven you” by Joseph Prince


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