Top 20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2021 (So Far…)

Top 20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2021 (So Far…)

It’s that time of the year again! It looks just like it’s yesterday when we were all screaming happy new year, it’s already the second quarter of the year now. you’ll surely agree with us that this year is running in a jiffy. The high influx of songs daily has made it difficult to maintain a shortlist of trending songs. Regardless, some have pulled through solely by popular demand and flavour.

We’ve put together a list of Top20 Nigerian Gospel Songs 2021 (So Far…), based on streams and downloads on our website, between January and 10th of May 2021. These songs will carry you throughout the rest of the year with constant praise in your heart.

“Victory Everywhere (What A Year 2021)” by Frank Edwards is more than just a song. The kingdom sound is anthemic and encouraging, setting the tone right for the rest of the year.The song started with a powerful, yet transforming message from our beloved man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

“Grateful” by Elshadai Music is a song of gratitude to God for all that He has done. The track is lively and refreshingly heals the hearts and most importantly gives glory to God. It’s an everyday thanksgiving song. It’s a dance-able song that encourages us as believers to look back and give God thanks for how far He has brought us.

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Speaking about the song, Sinach pens down; “‘Greatest Lord’ is a declaration of God’s sovereignty and Lordship over all situations and circumstances the world is currently going through. We are in unprecedented times… and ‘Greatest Lord’ is a worship project to help Christians all over the world recognize Jesus as the solution to today’s hurting world.”

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As directed by God, Nosa felt the lead to create a song that basically encourages people from different parts of the world to unite in raising their voices to the Lord in praise. The song “We Raise a Sound” is a proclamation of one’s love for God regardless of the denomination, tribe and/or race and it is one that you cannot afford to miss.

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The song “YAH” by Dunsin Oyekan It’s an encounter! Coming his latest album “The Gospel of the Kingdom,” album, available now for streaming and downloading via all major digital stores worldwide. Extol Him who rides in the clouds by His name YAH. The most sacred name of God. The song “YAH” is a soul-lifting song that will definitely bless you.

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The song “Jehovah Overdo” is a mellow groovy song of praise that testifies to God’s great works in our lives. The song is written & inspired by the Holy spirit and personal life experiences; it is hence sung with befitting passion.

Speaking about the song “Iyanu a Shele”, Dr Tim shares; “Iyanu a Shele is a song of declaration, affirmation and prophesy. It is a song that reassures us of the promises of God and his capacity to bring them to pass in our lives. This is your Go-to worship for the rest of the year.”

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Speaking about the song, Steve’s crown pens down; “Hossana is a charge, it’s an outcry”, By saying “Hosanna in the highest,” the crowd was invoking heaven’s blessing on them and the salvation that the Messiah (Jesus) was bringing. The phrase also echoes the song of the angels in Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest”.”

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The song “Onyedikagi” by Mercy Chinwo featuring Glowrie is a powerful ballad rendered in English, Yoruba and Igbo over a grand Orchestral instrumental. The song sees the two songstresses flex their vocal prowess and the result is a deep heartfelt worship experience.

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The upbeat rhythm laced with elements of Funk is filled with God-inspired confessions and declarations which can easily cling to your spirit due to the sing-along style the music adapts. The song will stir you into the atmosphere of the miraculous, thereby preparing you for the birthing of that long-awaited testimony.

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This song will bless you and will cause you to be grateful to God for the so many wonders he always had granted you even without deserving it. The chorus says; “I do not Take for Granted/ The Love you have for Me/ The Way you Love me, Jesus/ I’ve never known before.”

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The song “Jesus is Coming” by Judikay is an announcement and a forewarning about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Judikay keeps the message simple and direct. She employed the Gospel folk music of Eastern Nigeria to give it that old-time religious impression, and the level of seriousness the message requires.

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Speaking about the song, Mayo pens down via her YouTube Channel; “1000 Hallelujah is a poetic song of praise and worship to God. Based on Psalm 96 Message Translation, the song features an array of instruments including strings, piano, bass and acoustic guitars & drums. Enjoy this uniquely contemporary choir song; singing Hallelujah to the Highest God!

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Speaking about the song, Elijah Oyelade pens down; ” Dear everyone, God’s blessings on you. Jesus is the expression and the outpour of the Father’s love to the world. Acknowledging and embracing this love will make anyone a member of the family of God. Awesome!”

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The song “Only You Jesus” is a power-packed song that will definitely bless you. Verse one says; “Only you Jesus, Only you/ Only you Deserve my Praise/ Only you Jesus, Only you/ Only you Deserve my Praise/ From the Rising of the Sun/ To the Going down of the same/ Only you Deserve my Worship/ And my Praise.”

In this irresistible kingdom Tune “The Love Song”, Olubunmi is calling you to join her and a million others to be the light and the salt of the earth and let the love of God that’s within us affect everyone around you positively. She took us this time around on a deeper inspirational and lively Reggae Journey.

Goodness Amazing - Lord Most High

The song “Lord Most High” by Goodness Amazing is a soul-lifting song acknowledging and declaring the undeniable sovereignty of God almighty. The song ascribes praise to the “Most High God” who is indeed superior to any other power.

Paradise Edema - Praise In My Heart

The song ‘Praise In My Heart‘ by Paradise Edema is a song which exudes nothing but deep, emotional, and resounding communication with God. The kingdom tune is a song of gratitude to God for his mercies and favor.

The song “Covenant keeping God” by Jerry Vincent moves in line with Deuteronomy 31:8, which says; “And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” God will never fail or lie to you no matter the situation you’re facing now in life, God is always here for you.

[MUSIC] Jenny Rich - You Love Me

Jenny Rich well-accepted song “You Love Me” is a soul-lifting song that will keep reminding us of how grateful we are to experience and have God’s love. Jenny Rich also has other power-packed projects like; “Grateful For Grace” and “Shout for Joy.”



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