Lionsgate Releasing New Movie ‘The Jesus Music’ featuring Hillsong, Lecrae, Kirk Franklin and More

Lionsgate Releasing New Movie 'The Jesus Music' featuring Hillsong, Lecrae, Kirk Franklin and More

The upcoming documentary film “The Jesus Music” takes viewers on a journey through contemporary Christan music throughout the years as told by the biggest names in the genre.

Coming out on Oct. 1, “The Jesus Music” is the “uplifting and untold story” of the roots of the Christian genre up to where it is today. The movie will feature firsthand testimonies from several singers, including Amy Grant, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith, TobyMac and Lauren Daigle.

“The universal power of music from these artists shine through from their messages of passion, sacrifice, and redemption that inspire millions of devoted listeners,” according to the film’s synopsis.

“The richness of hope that can land on someone’s spirit via rhyme and melody and sound, I don’t understand it,” Daigle said in a trailer for the documentary.

Grant added, “A lot of hymns are ‘close your eyes singing to God, I wanted to sing with my eyes wide open, singing to each other.”

The film also shows how the CCM genre was birthed in the midst of civil unrest in the 1960s.

“You want to find a loving way to have these conversations,” Franklin said of the era.

Directed by the Erwin Brothers, the creators behind the hit film “I Can Only Imagine,” the film also gives viewers a glimpse into some of the battles that took place behind the scenes that help propel the genre.

“It was so much drama in the church,” Franklin adds in the trailer.

Press play below to watch the trailer!



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