[MUSIC] Rinji Meshak Emmanuel X The Dweller Sound – Yabo (Praise)

 Rinji Meshak Emmanuel X The Dweller Sound - Yabo (Praise)

After bursting into the gospel music scene with his first debut ‘Your Presence’ in 2020, Rinji Meshak Emmanuel, aka Mista Remz returns with yet another power-packed song titled “Yabo (Praise),” Available now for streaming and downloading.

Rinji Meshak Emmanuel teams up with ‘The Dweller Sound’ to deliver this timeless message. “The song was birthed out of deep meditation and prayer. Yabo is a song that calls us to give God the praise that is due Him,” said Rinji Meshak.

The psalmist portrayed in Psalms 150 and 29 How creation, instruments, Celestial and terrestrial bodies participate in the worship of Yahweh. Man is created to bring pleasure to God. We must praise!

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Mista Remz is the set man of ‘The Dwellers Sounds(TDS)’, also the music director at an interdenominational choir Psalms Of Praise Choir (POP) still in Kano and produced the award-winning ‘Song of the Year 2018, ‘You Are Good’ By Maestro Emmanuel for RMAWARDS 2018 organized by Mayamaya Music international and other artists from Northern Nigeria including, T – Songs, Jesse Solomon, Ezekiel Andrew, Nehemiah Robert amongst others.

According to Rinji Meshak, “This piece is dedicated to God the Father, God the Son, God the HolySpirit. The song is also dedicated to Late Min. Longji Samuel. Being one of his favourite songs. Rest on Bro”.  The song “Yabo” is a song that is guaranteed to rule your playlist for a very long time.

Stream, download, enjoy and share below!

Yabo (Lyrics) by Rinji Meshak Emmanuel X The Dweller Sound 


La la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la (2x)


Yabo ya tabbata
Ga Allah na sama (x6)
(Praise is due (Ascribed) to the God of heaven)
Yabo ya tabbata ga Allah
(Praise is due(ascribed) to our God)

Girma, Daukaka Yabo Nakane
(Honor, Glory, Praise is yours)
Mun baka Yabo sarkin runduna
(We give you praise Lord of host)
Yabo mai karfi zanyi agabanka
(Loudest praise will I raise in Your presence)
Ni zan rusuna agabanka

(I will bow in your presence)
Zan raira waka
(I will sing a song)
Zan yi rawa agabanka
(Iwill dance in your presence)
Sabon waka zanyi
(A newsong I will raise)
Domin in girmama sunanka
(To glorify your name)

Chorus Continually.

Yabo ya tabbata ga Allah mai Sona
(Praise be ascribed to God my lover)
Mun baka girma
Mun baka Yabo
Mun baka daukaka

Yabo, daraja da hikima duk nakane
Ride on the wings of our worship
We ascribe it all to you Jesus
We give you all of the glory due
We join the heavens to declare Yabo
We give you all the glory

We exalt you in beauty of your majesty
For you have crushed the head of the serpent
And gave us the victory we cry out Yabo
Muce Yabo
(Let’s say praise)

Yabo Yabo Yabo
(Praise Praise Praise)
Ya tabbata ga Allah
(Is due (Ascribed) to God
Let our praise and lifting of hands rise like incense
Let it reach you on your throne Yesu
Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings
Thou has ordained praise Yabo
We give you the highest
We give you the loudest
Yabo naka girma nakane daraja nakane

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  1. This is great
    More grace brother …..

    I love you now and forever ever the lord exalt you higher and high

  2. Strong and Inspiring!

  3. More Grace sir

  4. More of God’s grace and oil of inspiration more grace dear

  5. Adedayo Joseph

    Continue to be a blessing to us now and beyond thank you sir

  6. I have carefully listened to it. Greater ahead man!

  7. I have carefully listened to it. Greater ahead man from Olejeme Chukwuma Dominion

  8. More greac sir

  9. Can’t wait to listen to it. More grace sir.

  10. Allah ya kara maka batsira, da kwazo yin bishara ta wurin wakoki

  11. Mrs Rosemary Joseph

    The Lord keep your fountain pure, and grant you continuous access by his mercy.

  12. More grace Mista Remz,The Lord Jesus grants you more inspiration.

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