Joel Osteen ‘Victory Begins In The Dark’ Sermon


The moment God gives you a promise, your new day begins. You may not see it yet, but the breakthrough is on the horizon.

Don’t be discouraged because it’s been dark a long time, that’s a sign God is about to do something that you’ve never seen, it’s going to be bigger, more rewarding, more fulfilling than you’ve ever imagined. Now keep praising him in the dark, keep being good to other people in the dark, giving, serving. When you do that like Paul and Silas suddenly doors are going to open, suddenly you’re going to come into opportunity, the right people, healing, breakthroughs, it’s going to catapult you ahead.

Get ready for a favour, get ready for breakthroughs, get ready for double. You’re not in the darkness of the tomb, you’re in the darkness of the womb. God is about to burst something out of this that thrust you to a new level. My challenge: trust him in the dark. You may not see anything improving, that’s okay, walk by faith and not by sight. If you’ll do this, I believe and declare, God is about to turn your mourning into dancing, your sadness into joy. Like Job, you’re going to come out restored, promoted, healthy, free, better than you were before, in Jesus’ name.

Press play above to watch the sermon “Victory Begins In The Dark” by Joel Osteen.

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