“Our Delight In The Lord Shapes Our Desires” Sermon by Victoria Osteen

Our Delight In The Lord Shapes Our Desires Sermon by Victoria Osteen

When you delight yourself in God, he will shape in you his desires so that he can bring the best out of you. God wants to shape in you his desires. We all want our desires to come to pass. Oh, we love to hear God’s promises. We want God’s promises, but what are we delighting in? What are we pursuing? What are we givin’ our time to? You see, the scripture says that when we “Delight in the Lord”, which means, that when we find joy and happiness and pleasure in God, it will shape those desires for God. You see, sometimes we have the wrong desires, and we’re struggling, trying to make those things happen.

Listen, we serve a happy God. God is up in heaven, the Bible says, laughing and enjoying things, and he wants us down here accomplishing, laughing, enjoying, overcoming, goin’ from victory to victory. We serve a God who is committed to us, so let’s be committed to him. I believe, if we will take time to invest and delight and dwell in our God, that he will ignite those passions and those desires, and we will abound in his grace, and we will be committed. Our hearts and our hands will be moving in the right direction, and I believe we’ll see miracles happen in 2017 that we never even expected. Amen? Amen. He’s an awesome God.

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