Praisejamzblog – Awaken Mixtape (Gbedu) [Mp3 Download]

Praisejamzblog – Awaken Mixtape (Gbedu) [Mp3 Download]

We (Praisejamzblog) are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of the “Awaken Mixtape (Gbedu)” – the second installment of the groundbreaking Awaken Mixtape series. Building on the success of the initial worship segment, this dynamic mixtape is set to energize, inspire, and uplift listeners with its unique blend of Gospel music.

The Awaken Mixtape (Gbedu) is a musical journey that seamlessly merges three distinct parts – “Worship,” “Gbedu,” and Christian Hip Hop – all designed to resonate deeply with listeners from diverse backgrounds. The first part, “Worship,” has already captivated hearts and minds, with its ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics drawing thousands of downloads within days of its release.

Now, the “Gbedu” version is ready to make its mark. This high-energy segment of the mixtape promises to infuse an irresistible rhythm into your soul. From Afrobeat-inspired tracks to rhythmic Afro-gospel tunes, “Gbedu” offers a vibrant and uplifting listening experience that will have you dancing while connecting with your faith.

Prepare to be uplifted by infectious beats and spirited lyrics that speak to the joy, hope, and love found in the Christian faith. It’s a celebration of life and spirituality. We curated an exceptional lineup of talented Gospel artists and musicians who have contributed to the “Gbedu” mixtape. Their synergy and creativity are bound to leave a lasting impact. The carefully selected tracks on the “Gbedu” mixtape are designed to radiate positivity and encourage a sense of community and togetherness.

Stream, download, enjoy and share below!


See the Track-list below! These soul-stirring tracks carry powerful messages of faith, love, and revival, delivered by talented and anointed artists from around the world.

1) “Put It On God” – Limoblaze (feat. Annatoria): The song encourages listeners to trust in divine guidance and put their faith in God’s providence, delivering a message of hope and reliance on the Creator.”

2) “Never Fail” – Nikki Laoye: The song’s soul-stirring lyrics remind listeners of God’s unwavering faithfulness and His ability to never fail, even in the face of challenges.”

3) Daily (ft. Limoblaze & Becca Folkes) – Ryan Ofei: This track speaks of finding strength in God’s grace every day and features a captivating collaboration between the artists.”

4) Supernaturally – Princeton & Sa Ly: This is a vibrant track that combines catchy rhythms and meaningful lyrics. The song celebrates God’s miraculous power in our lives and creates an atmosphere of celebration.”

5) Daddy Wey Dey Pamper (Gbedu Version) – Moses Bliss [feat. Prinx Emmanuel & Greatman Takit): Moses Bliss, joined by Prinx Emmanuel and Greatman Takit, reimagines ‘Daddy Wey Dey Pamper’ into a lively Gbedu Version. The track exudes joy and gratitude, highlighting God’s loving care

6) Wonder – Mercy Chinwo: ‘Wonder’ is a soul-stirring worship song that showcases her captivating vocals. The song marvels at the majesty of God and His wonderful works, inviting listeners to reflect on His greatness.

7) Oil On My Head – Eben: This is an energetic praise song that invites listeners to celebrate God’s blessings and anointing. The track’s catchy melody and uplifting lyrics create an atmosphere of joyful worship.

8) Another Miracle Ada Ehi (feat. Dena Mwana): This is a powerful song that testifies to God’s miraculous intervention. The track combines contemporary beats with heartfelt lyrics, reminding us of God’s ability to perform miracles.

9) Zion – Yoyo Michael: This is a melodious tune that inspires a sense of longing for a better place. The song’s soothing vocals and reflective lyrics lead listeners on a journey of hope and anticipation.

10) My Dey – Rehmahz: This song speaks of God’s constant presence and faithfulness, no matter the circumstances.

11) Banger – Hiro Lyon: ‘Banger’ is a high-energy track that merges Gospel and Afrobeat elements. The song’s lively rhythm and uplifting lyrics create a joyful atmosphere of praise and celebration.

12) Omo Baba – Spirit of Prophecy: ‘Omo Baba’ is a vibrant song that pays homage to God as the Father. With catchy melodies and joyful lyrics, the track encourages listeners to celebrate their identity as children of God.”

13) Story – Limoblaze & Da Truth: This is a powerful track that shares personal narratives of faith, struggles, and triumphs. The song’s raw honesty and compelling verses make it a thought-provoking addition to the playlist.


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