“We Gallant Oh / Till He Returns” – Ada Ehi Teases Fans with Upcoming Song Release

We Gallant Oh, Till He Returns - Ada Ehi Teases Fans with Upcoming Song Release

In a thrilling surprise for her fans worldwide, the talented Nigerian gospel artist Ada Ehi has officially announced the imminent release of her newest song. While the title and release date remain shrouded in anticipation, Ada Ehi provided a sneak peek into this exciting musical venture.

On her birthday, the 18th of September, Ada Ehi took to her Instagram page to give her followers a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. In a captivating video, she can be seen grooving to the rhythm of her upcoming song, exuding the infectious joy that characterizes her music.

The lyrics she shared, “We Gallant oh, Till He returns,” provide a glimpse into the uplifting and spiritually empowering message that Ada Ehi is known for. These words hint at a song that will undoubtedly resonate with her audience, inspiring them to stand firm in faith and celebration.

In her Instagram post, Ada Ehi expressed her excitement and readiness for the song’s release, saying, “We are almost ready with this Victory Chant! Glory to The King Who Sits on The Throne forever and ever, Amen.” Her words convey not only her enthusiasm but also her deep commitment to delivering music that touches hearts and uplifts spirits.

Ada Ehi’s music has consistently been a source of inspiration and solace for her fans, and this upcoming release is poised to be no exception. As fans eagerly await further details about the song’s title and release date, one thing is certain: Ada Ehi is gearing up to deliver another powerful musical experience that will resonate with listeners around the world. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting musical journey unfolds.

Author: Elijah Joseph Omu of Praisejamzblog.

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