Me’Kayla – Werking (Mp3 Download)

Me’Kayla - Werking (Mp3 Download)

Motown Gospel is thrilled to announce the release of the new single and video for “Werking” from their newest artist, Me’Kayla. At the youthful age of 20 years old, Me’Kayla is putting her own spin on a classic message, declaring that “my angels are ‘werking’ for me.” Joined by Sir the Baptist’s ChurchPPL, this song carries an optimistic, carefree tone that is sure to turn any gloomy day into sunshine and smiles.

With “Werking,” Me’Kayla brings a fresh perspective to gospel music, infusing it with her vibrant energy and unique style. The song’s catchy hooks and infectious beats make it an instant feel-good anthem that resonates with listeners of all ages.

When asked about the release, she says, “The fact that my debut single is out now is mind-blowing to me! I’m so grateful for all the work everyone has put into making this possible. I really hope people enjoy the music and the video as much as I do!”

The accompanying music video for “Werking” captures the essence of the song, showcasing Me’Kayla’s dynamic personality and infectious charisma. Shot against a backdrop of vibrant colors and lively choreography, the video is a visual feast that perfectly complements the song’s upbeat vibe.

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