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Precious Zion Iboi is a gospel artist from Edo State, Nigeria, known for his versatile style that encompasses all genres of gospel music.


Growing up in Edo State, Precious was surrounded by music, as his sister was a choir mistress and his mother a talented singer, influencing his musical journey from an early age.

Musical Journey:

Although involved in gospel music since 2009, Precious officially began his musical career in 2015, recognizing God’s gift in his life and embracing the calling to share his message through music. He has faced challenges in finance and management along the way.

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Career Highlights:

His music ministry has seen remarkable moments of deliverance and healing, a testament to God’s grace. Notable releases include “Shout Yahweh,” “Ebenezer,” and “Broken,” with more projects underway.

Musical Style:

His music is deeply rooted in pure gospel, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Dunsin Oyekan, Sinach, and Don Moen.

Message and Inspiration:

Precious aims to convey messages of God’s love, grace, and power, deriving inspiration from personal revelations and the Word of God.

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Impact and Audience:

His music has made a significant impact on the Nigerian gospel music scene, resonating with the global body of Christ.

Future Plans:

Currently working on an EP and a collaboration with a major Nigerian gospel artist, Precious seeks to continue blessing lives through his music, with projects slated for release in 2024.

Personal Life:

In his free time, Precious enjoys playing football and is currently single.

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“Sometimes people say I sound like some other artist, but I let them know God doesn’t gift two persons with the same abilities. Although it might look alike, I am unique.” – Precious Zion Iboi

Contact Information:

For booking, contact 08146272392. Connect on Facebook @minpreciouszion, Instagram @minpreciouszion, TikTok @minpreciouszion, or email officialpreciouszion@gmail.com.


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