Praisejamzblog – Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Worship & Gbedu) [Mp3 Download]

Praisejamzblog – Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Worship & Gbedu) [Mp3 Download]

Praisejamzblog, a leading platform in gospel music promotion, is thrilled to announce the release of their much-anticipated mixtape, “Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Vol. 1).” This follows the success of their previous mixtape, “Awaken: Worship & Gbedu,” and is now available for streaming and downloading. The mixtape is thoughtfully divided into two parts, “Worship” and “Gbedu,” showcasing a rich collection of powerful songs from both emerging and renowned gospel artists.

“Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Vol. 1)” is a unique blend of gospel music that celebrates triumph, victory, and the power of faith.  Divided into two distinct segments – “Worship” and “Gbedu” – the mixtape caters to a wide range of musical preferences within the gospel genre.

The “Worship” segment of the mixtape features soul-stirring melodies and powerful vocals, creating an atmosphere of reverence and connection with the God almighty. Listeners can expect a curated selection of worship songs that inspire reflection and deepen the worship experience.

Stream/download “Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Worship)” below!


The “Gbedu” segment, on the other hand, is a celebration of the vibrant and rhythmic side of gospel music. Filled with energetic beats and uplifting lyrics, this part of the mixtape is designed to get listeners on their feet, dancing and rejoicing in the spirit.

Stream/download “Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Gbedu)” below!


See the “Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Gbedu)” tracklist below!

1) “Over (ft. Elle Limebear)” – Limoblaze: Kick off your celebration with the infectious energy of Limoblaze and Elle Limebear in “Over.” A dynamic fusion of beats and uplifting lyrics set the tone for victory.

2) “Correct” – Greatman Takit: Greatman Takit brings the groove with “Correct.” Get ready to dance and affirm the correctness of God’s promises in your life.

3) “Zoe” – Samsong: Let the vibrant rhythms of “Zoe” by Samsong elevate your spirit. This track is a joyful proclamation of the abundant life we have in Christ.

4) “You Do This One” – Mercy Chinwo: Mercy Chinwo’s soulful voice shines in “You Do This One,” a celebration of God’s faithfulness and goodness. Let the melody resonate in your heart.

5) “Bigger (Odogwu)” – Prinx Emmanuel: Prinx Emmanuel declares God as the “Odogwu” (Great Warrior) in this pulsating track. A bold declaration of confidence and victory.

6) “Salem” – Rehmahz (ft. Greatman Takit): Join Rehmahz and Greatman Takit in “Salem” for a unique blend of praise and worship. Let the music transport you to a place of divine encounter.

7) “Njalo Njalo” – Soweto Finest (ft. Baklez): Soweto Finest and Baklez bring the rhythm in “Njalo Njalo.” Embrace the perpetual praise embedded in this infectious track.

8) “Big God” – Tim Godfrey: Tim Godfrey’s “Big God” is an anthem of worship and acknowledgment of God’s greatness. Let this song be your declaration of trust.

9) “For Me” – Yoyo Michael: Yoyo Michael’s “For Me” is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for God’s love and favor. Revel in the assurance of His unwavering presence.

10) “I’m A Wonder” – Amazing Josh (ft. Linus Avreson & Lawson Felix): Join Linus Avreson, Lawson Felix, and others in “I’m A Wonder.” An ensemble of wonder and praise that will leave you in awe of God’s marvelous works.

11) “Gallant” – Ada Ehi: Ada Ehi’s “Gallant” is a powerful worship track that acknowledges God’s sovereignty and majesty. Enter into His presence with reverence.

See the “Psalms of Victory Mixtape (Worship)” tracklist below!

1) “Hail Jesus” – Victoria Orenze & Pita: Victoria Orenze and Pita lead in “Hail Jesus,” a soul-stirring worship anthem that exalts the name of Jesus.

2) “In The Room” – Maverick City Music & Naomi Raine (ft. Tasha Cobbs): Join Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine, and Tasha Cobbs “In The Room” for an intimate worship encounter.

3) “I Get Backing” – ReachOut Music (ft. Sarah Moses & Joy Dennis): “I Get Backing” by ReachOut Music is a poignant worship piece, expressing trust and reliance on God’s faithfulness.

4) “God Problem” – Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine & Chandler Moore: “God Problem” is a majestic declaration of God’s infinite power, featuring Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine, and Chandler Moore.

5) “So Good To Me” – Sandra Lamb: Sandra Lamb’s “So Good” is a testimony in melody, expressing gratitude for God’s goodness in every season.

6) “You Deserve The Glory” – Abimbola Arotile: Abimbola Arotile’s worshipful rendition of “You Deserve The Glory” is a heartfelt acknowledgment of God’s greatness.

7) “See What The Lord Has Done” – Nathaniel Bassey: Nathaniel Bassey’s triumphant anthem “See What The Lord Has Done” celebrates God’s miracles and faithfulness.

8) “Eze” – Star Martin: Star Martin leads in worship with “Eze,” acknowledging God as the King of kings.

9) “I Will Rise” – Chris Tomlin: Chris Tomlin’s “I Will Rise” is a powerful worship ballad that magnifies the hope we have in Christ.

10) “You Alone Deserve My Praise” – Angel Chidimma: Angel Chidinma’s “You Are A Wonder” is a beautiful expression of awe and admiration for the wonders of God.

11) “See How Far” – Victoria Orenze (ft. Nathaniel Bassey & Dunsin Oyekan): Join Victoria Orenze, Nathaniel Bassey, and Dunsin Oyekan in “See How Far” for a worshipful reflection on God’s faithfulness.

12) “Hallowed Be They Name” – Kelenna O. Bainks: Kelenna O. Bainks leads in a reverent worship experience, acknowledging the holiness of God’s name.

13) “Oba Ni” ~ Sunmisola (ft. Nosa): Sunmisola and Nosa join forces in “Oba Ni,” a worshipful proclamation of God’s kingship.

14) “Forever You Reign” – Hero Efe: “Forever You Reign” by Hero Efe is a majestic declaration of God’s eternal reign.

15) “Overcome” – Jeremy Camp: Jeremy Camp’s “Overcome” is a powerful declaration of victory in Christ.

16) “Countless Blessings” – Kelenna O. Bainks: Kelenna O. Bainks returns with “Countless Blessings,” a soul-stirring gratitude anthem.

17) “One Name” – Naomi Raine: Naomi Raine leads in worship, declaring the power and majesty found in the name of Jesus.

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